Review- Canteen Celbridge

A few weeks ago I finally went to Canteen Celbridge, which has been on my radar for quite some time thanks to reading multiple positive reviews. It is run by head chef James Sheridan and his partner Soizic Humbert. After having a successful restaurant in Blackrock, Dublin, they decided to move to Celbridge in County Kildare, Sheridan’s hometown. This move has proven to be a fantastic addition to the area; one which has had limited restaurant offerings, especially in regards to fine dining.

The food is of a high standard with a focus is on good quality, local and seasonal produce. There are three options for starters, mains and desserts, which vary depending on what is available. In my opinion, having a small menu means that there is an attention to detail that is not always afforded in restaurants that offer a larger selection. Plus it’s far easier for those, like me, who struggle to decide when bombarded with pages and pages of dishes. Fans of seafood and meat are well catered for but I would advise that vegetarians and vegans  call ahead to ask for options. The food is superb and is presented beautifully, so it’s easy on the eye as well as being great to eat. The standout dish for me was the Jerusalem artichoke starter. Is it possible that the artichoke tasted more of artichoke than I have ever experienced before? And the pear, endive and Knocklara sheep cheese made every mouthful a new experience.

The setting of the restaurant would best be described as relaxed. There is leather seating that wraps around a corner of the room and a large window which lets in plenty of light. At a guess, there would be seating for around 40-50 people with a comfortable amount of room between tables. I really liked the family friendly feeling and, of course, the fact that the quality food is reasonably priced sits well with me. The front of house staff were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Our waitress, who was recommending the venison, was able to tell us about the sourcing of the meat, which had been added to the menu that day.

For those who don’t know, Celbridge is a 30 minute drive from Dublin. There is ample parking nearby and it is well served by Dublin Bus. Canteen Celbridge is a short walk away from Castletown House, a landmark manor house. So if you are in the area, this is the place to go for fine dining without any pretense.

Canteen Celbridge.
4 Main Street,
County Kildare.

T: 016274967



(Sample menu.)



(Salt baked Jerusalem artichoke, pear, endive, Knocklara sheep cheese.)



(Pressed ham hock and foie gras terrine, beetroot, verjus, raisin dressing.)


(Hake, cauliflower, fregola, crispy mussels and morel sauce, with side of seasonal vegetables.)


(Haunch venison, barley, celeriac, pepper sauce.)


(Belcolade chocolate, candied almond.)


(Salted caramel brûleé, sablé Breton, vanilla ice cream.)


*** I am not affiliated with Canteen Celbridge. I have not and will not receive any financial or other benefit for this review.

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