Review- Sheridans 8th Annual Irish Food Festival

Sheridan’s Irish Food Festival is held yearly in May in Sheridans Cheesemongers headquarters in Pottlereagh, County Meath. The festival solely focuses on quality Irish produce, with a good emphasis on cheese and dairy, naturally, but also on a variety of products that would suit pretty much anyone regardless of age. The abundance of producers was mind blowing- there was over 100 stalls with passionate and knowledgeable producers all willing to share their experience and the love for their products. It ranged from fresh fruit and vegetables; fresh and cured meats; oils and vinegars; ciders and beers; chocolates, cakes and baked goods; as well as multiple food trucks serving hot meals. To top it off there were demonstrations, live entertainment and activities for children. Honestly, there was something for everyone. An added bonus was that it was a gloriously sunny day.

It has to be said that this festival is really well organised. For those coming from Dublin or beyond, there were decent directions given on their website and multiple signs leading up to the turn off. And plenty of parking on site, for 5. Exactly what you want when you’re traveling to a festival, especially if you’re at the end of an hours drive from Dublin.

More information on the festival can be found at Sheridans Annual Irish Food Festival website.  


Top three highlights:

  • Finally getting my hands on some of The Proper Chocolate Company’s chocolate, after spending months ogling their luscious chocolate on their Instagram page. Their 70% cocoa with cocoa nibs and tumeric has lovely warming notes and a good bite; their 92% cocoa is outstanding, with the sharpness that I love from a dark chocolate without being overly bitter. A bar will set you back around 3.50.
  • Eaves dropping on the staff at Sabanero Cheese explain their cheese to an older Irish gentleman who voiced that he had never encountered their kind of cheese before, and watching his face light up as he tried it. He was sold! Their queso duro (€3.50) is delightful; it has a firm bite if sliced, but is easily crumbled, and a fresh, salty taste. They recommended that I use it with Mexican style dishes and I can confirm that it worked wonderfully with fajitas that I have since made.
  • Corleggy’s smoked Drumlin cheese and port jelly. Both of these products are not at all shy, they are flavour explosions in your mouth! So smokey, so porty and so good together on crackers. €12 for the cheese, €2.50 for the jelly.

Missed opportunity:

  • Forgetting to go back to Velvet Cloud to buy their sheep’s yoghurt. The sample was really tangy and fresh.

Side notes:

  • The area around the festival is worth looking into, as there is plenty to see and do in the County Meath and the Boyne Valley/ Ireland’s Ancient East. The historic village of Kells is approximately 12 minutes drive away, with Slane Castle, Trim and the Hill of Tara all being approximately 30 mins drive away respectively. Check out Discover Boyne Valley for more information.
  • Even if you drive around aimlessly, you will discover beautiful, lush fields that are typical of Ireland and, if you’re lucky, you might see a fairy tree in a field. I find the folklore about the wee folk intriguing, so witnessing anything related is a bonus for me.


*** I am not affiliated with Sheridans Cheesemongers, The Proper Chocolate Company, Sabanero, Corleggy, Velvet Cloud or any of the producers associated with the festival. I have not and will not receive any financial or other benefit for this review. I just think they’re pretty awesome.




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