Review- Sheridans 8th Annual Irish Food Festival

Sheridan’s Irish Food Festival is held yearly in May in Sheridans Cheesemongers headquarters in Pottlereagh, County Meath. The festival solely focuses on quality Irish produce, with a good emphasis on cheese and dairy, naturally, but also on a variety of products that would suit pretty much anyone regardless of age. The abundance of producers was…

Green mango salad 

Living in Ireland, I realised just how spoiled Australians are. We grow so much of our own produce, whether it’s humble, basic fruit and vegetables or more exotic varieties. We have so much on our doorstep! Whereas in Ireland, that isn’t the case, and so much of the produce is imported. Take mangoes for example….

Orange saffron prawn salad

The weather in Ireland is finally warming up and the sun has decided to pay us a visit. At times like this, everyone is out sunning themselves until their pale skin is looking quite pink! With all that sun exposure, the last thing anyone wants is to slave over a hot stove, so this salad…

Pearl barley “risotto” with Lamb

This dish is loosely based on Italy’s Orzotto, or what we would consider a pearl barley version of risotto. Pearl barley is a nutty tasting grain with a great bite to it and is a good alternative to rice. Pearl barley lends itself well to the earthy flavours the lamb, sage, chestnut mushrooms and asparagus….